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The Gramble Foundation aims to improve one billion lives by reinventing the way people donate to charity – namely, via Gramble and its partners. The Gramble Foundation is a legally registered Dutch charitable foundation and is a beneficiary of Gramble World BV (the parent entity of Gramble), and in that capacity receives an annual percentage of Gramble’s revenue to distribute to good causes.

The Foundation works with organizations, institutions, initiatives, and projects that support charity in the broadest sense, whether they’re seeking to improve the planet itself, or life for those on it. Gramble believes that there are enough people with the willpower and the vision to achieve great deeds, but these people are not getting the material support they need and providing financial support to these visionaries is the primary function of the Gramble Foundation.

case study

Mercy Ships: Janurary 2014

Gramble donated €10,000 to hospital ship-operator Mercy Ships from the proceeds generated by users’ activity using Gramble’s tools. The donation has made it possible to renovate the hospital onboard the ship “Africa Mercy”, with Mercy Ships able to treat 20% more patients than before.

A director of Mercy Ships said: “We are extremely grateful to Gramble and their thousands of users for their generosity and excited to be part of such a vibrant community. Social gaming is new to us and it is kind donations such as these that are vital to ensuring Mercy Ships can continue to help and provide care to those who have little access to surgical and medical help.”

Charity partners

We’re already making a big difference, with the following charities approved and eligible to receive grants and donations from the Gramble Foundation. More charities will be added soon!

Camino Verde www.caminoverde.org US 501(c)3-registered charity that operates in Peru and whose main activity is to protect the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon by planting trees and encouraging others to do the same.

charity: water www.charitywater.org US 501(c)3-registered charity that brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Colabora Birmania www.colaborabirmania.org Spanish-registered organization that works to improve the living conditions of Burmese people who have been displaced in Thailand, focusing on managing educational projects and sponsoring a school, a nursery, and an orphanage.

Chernobyl Children International www.chernobyl-international.com Irish-registered charity that operates in Belarus and Ukraine working to mitigate the devastating effects of the nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986 by providing medical and economical support.

International Diabetes Federation www.idf.org Based and officially registered in Belgium as a non-profit organization, IDF acts as an umbrella for 200 European organizations. The activities of IDF aim to influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvements, promote the exchange of high-quality information about diabetes, and provide education for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

IICD www.iicd.org This Dutch charity operates in South America and Africa. Its main purpose is to help local partners from the non-profit, public, and private sectors use ICT to meet their development goals in the areas of economics, education, health, and gender inequality.

International Rhino Foundation www.rhinos.org US 501(c)3-registered charity that works with zoos, private foundations, corporations, and government agencies in rhino regions. The International Rhino Foundation is dedicated to the survival of the world’s rhino species through conservation and research.

Mercy Ships www.mercyships.org Registered in several countries (the US, the Netherlands, the UK, and others), Mercy Ships owns a hospital ship, Africa Mercy, which it uses to provide first-rate medical professionals, state-of-the-art medical and surgical facilities, and health-care training to communities in West Africa that lack those critical services.

Send a Cow www.sendacow.org.uk This UK charity has been operating for more than 25 years, working hand in hand with poor families. Send a Cow provides training, livestock, seeds, and support, teaching families in developing areas the skills they need to build new lives free from poverty and hunger.

Soles4Souls soles4souls.org This US 501(c)3-registered charity is a global not-for-profit institution. The organization advances its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used shoes and clothes from individuals, schools, faith-based institutions, civic organizations, and corporate partners and then distributing those shoes and clothes to the needy.

SpecialEffect www.specialeffect.org.uk A UK-registered charity that operates nationally in hospitals and recovery houses to promote fun and inclusion in the lives of people (mainly children) with disabilities by helping them to play video games.

The Adventure Project theadventureproject.org This US 501(c)3-registered charity was established to increase investments in positive social enterprises, creating jobs around the world.

Maggies www.maggiescentres.org Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres are a network of drop-in centres in Great Britain, which aim to help anyone who has been affected by cancer. They are not intended as a replacement for conventional cancer therapy, but as a caring environment that can provide support, information and practical advice.

Board members & directors

Annemiek M.A. Hoogenboom Chair, Co-Founder of Stichting De Boomgaard, Chair of Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers, Director of People’s Postcode Lottery
Niclas Kjellström-Matseke Managing Director of the Swedish Postcode Lottery
Adam Palmer Chief Executive Officer of Gramble World BV
Peter Brenninkmeijer Chief Finance Officer of Gramble World BV

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